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Careplus Agency Limited is a Home Care Agency, which has been established to respond to the needs of our clients on a 24-hour basis. Our clients are those who, because of increasing age or disability, find it difficult to cope with domestic responsibilities and their own personal care needs.

We are an independent care agency providing care to our clients in their own home environment on a one-to-one basis. Our services are designed for the elderly person who is physically frail or housebound, and are undertaken by our team of highly trained and experienced specialist staff.

We provide care services to both the private and public sectors, and your needs for care and support are identified through an assessment; this may involve the Care Manager from the Local Authority. We operate within NORTH SOMERSET.

We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive service of care of the highest quality within their own home environment. We strive to offer a flexible, efficient and professional service, which is tailored to meet each person’s individual needs. We will treat each client with respect and remain sensitive to his/her individual needs and abilities, and aim to promote the client’s independence and personal dignity.

We have set out our Statement of purpose which can be found within your service delivery folder.

We respect the right of each client to lead as independent and fulfilling life as possible. We have set out a Client’s Charter of Rights, which we believe should be the minimum entitlement for each client. Our Care Staff are sensitive to, and will observe, the following standards which we have identified:

  •  It is the right of each client to make informed choices and to take risks; there is a certain amount of risk associated with each aspect of our lives.

  • Each client is an individual with individual needs wants and desires. This individuality will be recognised and respected to ensure promotion and maintenance of the client’s dignity and self-worth.

  • Each client, as an individual, has the right to fulfil his / her potential for personal choice of lifestyle and opportunities.

  • Each client has the right to a Care Service that does not discriminate on the basis of race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, political affiliation, disability or impairments, marital status, parenthood, sexual gender or sexual orientation.

  • Each client has the right to refuse anybody entry to their home. This will include the Care Worker where the client feels an element of incompatibility as he/she perceives it.

  • Each client has the right of access to his or her personal Care Records, and to annotate them accordingly. He / she have the right to be consulted with respect to the Care Services provided and to be involved in on-going reviews of the same. Where, for reasons of mental frailty, the client is unable to make his / her wishes known directly, an appointed advocate may fulfil this purpose.

  • Each client has the right to details of the Contract with respect to the Care Services offered, including the costs involved.

  • Each client has the right to be assured that no personal or confidential information concerning their affairs will be disclosed to a third party without their express permission.

  • Each client has the right to complain about any element of the Care Service, and to do so without fear of any intimidation, recrimination or reprisals.

  • Each client has the right to be informed in advance of any changes in hours of duty by the Care Worker, or even a change in the Care Worker, as a result of emergencies. Reference clause above the client retains the right not to accept substitute Care Workers into their home, though they will be informed of the implications of this with respect to the Organisation being unable to provide Continuity of care.


Every aspect of running and managing our business is set out in a comprehensive set of Policy documents. These Policies ensure that we meet the statutory requirements for running a Home Care Service, and cover all aspects of Adult service user protection, staffing, managing, and caring for our clients and the preservation of health and safety standards where appropriate. All of our Policies are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are kept up-to date. Our master Policy Manual is held at our offices but may be consulted at any time upon request.

We have embodied quality in our way of life and in everything we do. We define “quality” as delivering a service of care appropriate to each individual client’s needs. We have a comprehensive Self-Assessment System, which requires all of our Policies and work practices to be audited at least annually to ensure that we maintain the standards we have set ourselves. Any “non-conforming” areas are corrected and reviewed for any other action that we may need to take to ensure that the problem is not repeated in the future.

n addition to our own Self-Assessments we also receive regular inspections from North Somerset Council, also the local offices of the Commission for Social Care Inspection who are based in Taunton, North Somerset, and, for the Exeter Office, C.Q.C (Care Quality Commission) formerly (C.S.C.I), Unit D1, Linhay Business Park, Ashburton, TQ13 7UP. 

To ensure that we are operating, as we should. Copies of the CSCI inspection reports may be consulted upon request and are also available to view on the internet.


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